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We are a team of healthcare and sports medicine experts, treating ailments from foot pain to headaches to rotator cuff injuries. We walk our talk: we play our sports, get treated regularly, take and teach seminars to further our knowledge & treatment capabilities, and have fun doing it!
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“I have abused my hands playing drums for 26 years. My hands are really tight and they hurt. All the doctors wanted to do was give me pills. We were able to use Sonic Wave Therapy with Dr. Anderson to speed up the process of loosing up the tendons. There is no pain any more. I am really happy with the results.”

Kenney Dale Johnson, Drummer for Chris Isaak

“Dr. Anderson has been a big help with speeding up the healing process. He works quickly and very effectively.”

Lisa, Therapist for Cal (U.C. Berkeley) Athletics and the U.S. Swim Team

“Dr. Anderson has helped me tremendously with reducing my hip and back pain, as well as correcting a long-term digestive problem. I have tried a lot of treatments, and his is what has really worked.”

Dave B.