In Their Words

Testimonials about the conditions we treat:

Injuries & Illness

Dr. Anderson has been a big help with speeding up the healing process. He works quickly and very effectively.
~ Lisa, Therapist for U.C. Berkeley Athletics and the U.S. Swim Team

Dr. Anderson is absolutely the best doctor I’ve ever had in any capacity, not just as a chiropractor. If only every doctor cared so much about helping their patients. He is also one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to nutrition. I can’t count the number of lifelong problems I had, that he fixed permanently and quickly. I absolutely highly recommend him!

~ Shannon, Academy Award winner

I have gone to Dr. Anderson for two different ailments involving each back shoulder. I was in considerable pain. I found Dr. Anderson to be very thorough in each diagnosis. Each ailment took several sessions to get rid of scar tissue that had built up over muscle.

~ Mike, Former PGA Tour player

My wife recommended Dr. Derik Anderson to me. My prior experience with Chiropractors was mediocre at best. I lead a very active life. Between my career, sports and my lifelong passion of martial arts, my body has been put through a lot of stress and injuries.

Dr. Anderson’s understanding of the type of activities I put myself through on a daily basis was exceptional. In a few short visits my main problem area was back to functioning at 90%.

Dr. Anderson and his techniques make sense not only for people like me but for anyone who wants to lead a pain free and healthy body conscious life.

~ Christian, Jujitsu National Champion, SWAT Team member

As an endurance runner, problems with my feet can have a significant negative impact on my lifestyle.   I was treated by Dr. Derik Anderson for a pain I was experiencing in my right foot that had been preventing me from training for a 50-mile trail run.   Dr. Anderson quickly diagnosed my problem, and over the course of several sessions was able to get me back out on the trails in time to compete in my race.   I’d highly recommend Dr. Anderson for any sports related issues.

~ Will, Ultra-distance runner

Derik has helped me with a few different injuries- my Achilles which is an ongoing problem; and most recently my low back.  He has been able to get my low back issue fixed rather quickly.  Not only is Derik a real professional but he is also an athlete so he has a really good understanding of how various sports impact our bodies and can cause injuries.  He has provided not only excellent treatment when I am injured but has given me good advice on preventive care including stretching and strength training. I highly recommend Derik to anyone who is an athlete and needs treatment or preventative care.

~ Kris, USTA-ranked tennis player

I would definitely refer Derik to anyone in need of chiropractic care.

I have played a lot sports throughout my life: skydiving, sailing, rock climbing, car racing, kite surfing…. Dr. Anderson has helped put me back together a number of times, quickly. He rocks!
~ Mike, nationally-competitive sailor

Dr. Anderson has helped me tremendously with reducing my hip and back pain, as well as correcting a long-term digestive problem. I have tried a lot of treatments, and his is what has really worked.
~ Dave, internationally-published artist

Dr. Anderson has the natural ability to identify the true cause of most patient’s pain and discomfort. As a result, his patients are able to get better results in fewer visits. This was the case when Dr. Anderson treated my shoulder pain.

San Rafael ChiropractorAfter seeing over 7 different doctors and physical therapists with limited results, Dr. Anderson was able to isolate the cause of my pain to 3 weak shoulder muscles that were causing my symptoms.

A handful of visits later and I was close to 95% better… now I am able to swim, play with my kids and do all the normal activities with absolutely no pain. Thank you Dr. Derik! More people need to know about your specialty of Kinesiology.
~ Craig

I have had sciatica intermittently for the past few years, but this time it was really bad. Dr. Anderson got rid of the pain and me back on my feet quickly. With my busy travel schedule, this is exactly what I needed.
~ Ross

Dr. Anderson totally eliminated my chronic neck and back pain. I’ve had it for years and it was gone within a few months.
~ Dawn


Bone Density


I was losing bone at nearly 4% per year. Within 8 months of beginning care with Dr. Anderson, I was building new bone at a rate of 2% annually. That’s over a 6% change. Dr. Anderson’s care has been wonderful, and it’s easy.
~ Diana

At age 50, after taking HRT and Fosamax, my bone density test showed a 23% overall loss.  I then started treatment with Dr. Anderson. One year later, my bone density test showed an increase in by 4%, which means not only had I reversed the trend, but that I am correcting the bone loss problem. By keeping up this regimen for the next 3-5 years, I should be able to return to the normal range of bone mass.
~ Carol

I feel so much healthier, just knowing that my bones are no longer thinning, but rather increasing in density. It’s a pleasure being able to tell people that there is hope for this debilitating condition of osteoporosis. I want the medical community to know about the astonishing results that occur with taking Strontium and calcium together.

So many of my clients who are currently taking Fosamax are complaining of stomach problems as a result of this medication; they need to hear that there is another, much better solution.  Thank you for taking your time to research this area and for consistently being a strong advocate for getting to the root cause of illness and not accepting the standard solutions because they are expeditious. I wouldn’t like to see what shape I’d be in if it weren’t for your knowledge, research, and wisdom.

~ Rebecca


Overall Health & Wellness


Dr. Derik Anderson Chiropractor San RafaelDr. Derik Anderson is one of the best chiropractors on the planet. He is extremely knowledgeable and if he doesn’t have an answer to what ails you, he’ll do the research until he does. I think he has a gift for healing and he has kept me going at times when I was falling apart. He also has very high integrity, something missing in other chiropractors I’ve seen in the past. Highly recommended!
~ Nancy Hoffman, PsyD

In addition to his technical skills and understanding of the whole body– Dr. Anderson REALLY helped me make the connection between nutrition and my personal chemistry–not all health food is healthy for every body– simple changes made dramtic differences! A “Big Picture” practitioner.
~ Jen R.


Patient Care


An Excellent Chiropractor!! Dr. Derik is really great. I find him to listen, to be practical, sensitive and caring. He has an excellent knowledge of the body and its interconnected functions. And he understands women really well. Which is great. Nice office, reasonable fees, flexible scheduling. You can’t go wrong.Patient-Care

He knows his stuff and he is willing to help at a moment’s notice. What can I say, he’s fantastic! He genuinely cares about his patients.
~ Kirsten

Derik is a wonderful chiropractor. He’s smart, he’s intuitive, and he’s compassionate. He can zero in on a problem and find a way to resolve the issue even when MD’s have missed what seems obvious to him. His approach is always positive and he takes the patient’s concerns seriously. His approach is to combine science with art and trust that the body will “speak up” and guide him and the patient toward the answer that’s needed. And he has a great smile–always warm and welcoming!
~ Elizabeth

Dr. Anderson makes a difference. His knowledge and approach to care make you feel in the right hands. The health of our family shows improvement since we started going to his practice. I recommend him enthusiastically and without hesitation or reservation.
~ Ernesto

The most professional and knowledgeable chiropractor I’ve been treated by. Extremely effective and highly recommended!
~ Dawn

So nice, knowledgeable, and such a great bedside manner.
~ Julia