Therapeutic Massage

What is Therapeutic Massage?

Therapeutic massage is a type of massage that works on a specific challenge to your body, such as a stiff knee, sore neck, or a tight back. It is targeted and intentional, so attention to detail is given to areas that need treatment.

But, therapeutic massage is much more than skin deep. It helps reduce cholesterol levels, decrease blood pressure, and increase immune functions. Massage also increases range of motion, decreases pain, and reduces swelling. The National Institutes of Health have shown that therapeutic massage plays an integral part in reducing pain.

Therapeutic massage can also be helpful in the case of scar tissue. Scar tissue forms as a natural part of the healing process, often known as fibrosis repair. The body lays down scar tissue in order to stabilize an area after injury, or to decrease overuse when highly repetitive motions begin to irritate the area. Because the process is often gradual, you may not notice loss of function right away. Releasing the scar tissue and restoring normal function is vital to becoming pain-free.

Type of Therapeutic Massage

Massage exists in different forms. Deep tissue massage, such as neuromuscular reeducation and myofascial release, breaks up adhesions and scar tissue that can form during injury or repetitive motions (e.g., using a mouse). A thorough understanding of joints, muscles, and range of motion is vital to deep tissue massage delivering lasting, pain-relieving results.

Rejuvenating massages are very useful in relaxing the body. Biochemical markers, such as cortisol (stress hormones), are reduced with rejuvenating massage. Long-term, these hormones cause weight gain, fatigue, and are linked to many diseases. So massage is an excellent way to keep your body healthy.

Incorporating deep tissue and rejuvenating massage are two of the best ways to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Simultaneously boosting your immune system and your energy.

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