What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is targeted lengthening and strengthening of muscles, tendons, and ligaments to get people out of compensation patterns and moving in a healthy way again. This targeted therapy restores your normal movement and strength, pain-free.

The Benefits of Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy, done properly, restores balance to the muscles, ligaments and tendons of your body. By the time your body feels pain, you’ve already developed substantial imbalance in your muscles, ligaments and tendons. Being in good physical shape is obviously important to living a healthier, longer life, but does not correct imbalances. In fact, people who are in good physical shape often compensate better than rest of the population. And compensation causes poor posture, pain, and arthritis. Including physiotherapy as part of your treatment plan not only nearly eliminates these issues, it ensures that you maintain the maximum benefit from your care.

How We Use Physiotherapy

Muscle & Joint Clinic integrates physiotherapy into your treatment plan to ensure that your chiropractic treatment lasts. While we don’t assign a lot of “homework,” our goal is to give you the most important exercises – the ones that will provide you the greatest rewards. This typically equals about ten minutes of home therapy exercises per day. We make it very easy to incorporate your physiotherapy exercises into your daily routine so that it is sustainable.

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