Chiropractic Genetic Biochemsitry

Seminar date: October 25, 2020

                Muscle & Joint Clinic, San Rafael, CA

                7:30 AM – 8:30 PM

Presenters: Stefan Cohen, DC and Derik Anderson, DC    

Course Description: Chiropractic Genetic Biochemsitry will cover the advances in genetic-based nutritional therapies. Sympathetic and parasympathetic tone plays a significant role in one’s biochemistry and the likelihood of treatment outcomes.

Educational Objectives: Understanding how chiropractic, biochemistry, and

Teaching Methods: Presentation and hands-on methods will be incorporated

Course Outline:                

7:30Cellular Biochemistry, SNPs, and What Can Be Changed
8:00Cellular Biochemistry, SNPs, and What Can Be Changed
9:00Upper & Lower-Crossed Syndromes: How They Affect Biochemistry
10:00Case Studies: Presentation
11:00To Be Parasympathetic Or Not To Be Parasympathetic
12:30Which Labs Are Most Appropriate?
1:00History Taking & Lab integration
2:00History Taking & Lab integration
3:00Parasympathetic Tone – Nutrigenetic Factors
4:00Biomarkers of Parasympathetic Tone
5:00Biomarkers of Parasympathetic Tone
6:00Chiropractic Adjusting: Parasympathetic Implications
7:00Chiropractic Adjusting: Parasympathetic Implications
8:00Emerging Technologies in Genetic-based Nutrition

Recommended Reading: Datis Kharrazian, Institute For Functional Medicine, Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Craig Liebenson

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