“Dr. Anderson is absolutely the best doctor I’ve ever had in any capacity, not just as a chiropractor. If only every doctor cared so much about helping their patients. He is also one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet when it comes to nutrition. I can’t count the number of lifelong problems I had, that he fixed permanently and quickly. I absolutely highly recommend him!”

Shannon, Academy Award winner


Muscle & Joint Clinic – Scar Tissue Expe

“Dr. Anderson used sonic wave therapy [shockwave therapy] to speed up the process of loosening up the tendons [in my hands]. And, they are much looser – and there’s no pain anymore. I’ve been very happy with the results.”

Kenney Dale Johnson, Drummer for Chris Isaak

“Dr. Anderson has helped me tremendously with reducing my hip and back pain, as well as correcting a long-term digestive problem. I have tried a lot of treatments, and his is what has really worked.”

Dave B, Nationally-acclaimed artist

“I have played a lot sports throughout my life: skydiving, sailing, rock climbing, car racing, kite surfing…. Dr. Anderson has helped put me back together a number of times, quickly. He rocks!”

Mike B., 35