Muscle & Joint Clinic – Award-Winning Care

Most all of us have 206 bones, 650 muscles, 2 lungs, 1 heart… Yet we are all different. So we need different, individualized approaches to our health problems and care. Utilizing best practices and cutting-edge techniques, Dr. Derik Anderson has assembled a team that provides care specifically tailored for you.



Scar tissue forms around your muscles from an injury, such as a single major event like a car accident, or repeated habits like poor posture, prolonged computer use, or carrying weight unevenly (kids, groceries, wallets). This scar tissue alters the mechanics of your bones and joints, making movement inefficient, creating stiffness and pain.

Using specialized massage techniques targeted on the problem areas, the Muscle and Joint clinic breaks up this scar tissue so your joints can be realigned and restored.


Your spine is essential to your health and mobility. As your muscle tightness releases, we adjust your spine to restore joint motion.

Chiropractic adjustments break up joint scar tissue, restore neurological feedback loops and decrease muscle spasm.

Numerous studies, such as the U.S. National Institutes of Health’s study on Low Back Pain and the Quebec Task Force on Whiplash, have repeatedly shown that chiropractic is the best modality for reducing musculoskeletal pain.


The key to maintaining the benefits of treatment is to restore the supporting structures: the muscles, ligaments and tendons. To achieve this, weak muscles need to be strengthened.

This last step is important. It greatly reduces the chances of re-injury, meaning that you continue to feel good for a longer time.